Monday, October 13, 2014

Yoga Pants - A Mom's Perspective

Yoga pants have been a hot button issue where we live and its been interesting to see advocates for both sides. I'm all for being comfortable. However girls...

Yoga pants are for yoga. Or sleeping. Or lounging in your house. They are NOT and should not be for everyday wear no matter your locale, unless you are of course, a yoga instructor.

Before you boo and hiss, hear me out. The logic that wearing yoga pants "distracts the boys from their studies" is DEEPLY flawed on several levels. So please don't think that's where I'm headed. However, you have GOT to have more respect for yourself. Is wearing yoga pants all of the time really putting your best foot forward? Think about the message you convey by how you dress. You're telling people one of two things. Either you're a force to be reckoned with, and should be taken seriously, or you're not.

By all means, it's your choice on how you dress. Just ask yourself the message you're trying to convey about yourself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Snapshot of Life

0545 alarm goes off, hit snooze
0600 alarm goes off again. Slowly but surely roll out of bed. Shower and get ready for the day
0650 head out the door
0700 drop the dog off at daycare. Yes, daycare. Her seperation anxiety has caused SEVERAL boxes of kleenex and a couch.
0715 walk in the door at work
0730-3:40 full day at work including walking back and forth between two school sites 5 blocks apart from each other.
3:40-4:20 go to bank, wait in line FOREVER. Contemplating why the man in front of me is taking so freaking long and decide he's asked for Martian currency because nothing else makes sense and I really just want to get home.
4:50 pick up dog from daycare
5:00 amble thru the back door, greeted with hugs from sweaty children who've been outside.
5:05 collapse in chair, call hubby and arrange dinner pick up with our last $15 until Friday.
5:30 friend knocks on the door, have to politely decline playtime as dinners just around the corner much to the kids disappointment.
6:00 brief visit with the hubs before he leaves me alone and heads to bowling. Wondering if he realizes there are moms who eat their young, then remember that does not include humans.
6:15 recruit live in maids (the kids) to do the mid week pick up. Start a load of laundry before we have naked people running around the house.
7:00 correcting youngest for his spit wad in the garbage can from toilet water.
7:01 asking youngest if my face looks happy, then subsequently cracking up while trying to be serious.
7:05 boys start belting tunes about farts. Sister rolling her eyes.
7:10 find a book and quietly read instruction given to the kids.
7:22 youngest asking for got upset tummy oils
7:25 middle declines to follow instructions to read QUIETLY. Subsequently sent to bed and crying the entire time.
0730 kids continue to read, I start lesson plans for tomorrow. It'll be here before I know it and gone just as quick.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

What Does It Say?

Tonight at Mass, one of the readings was from Acts Chapter 12 verse 4. It talks about Peter being arrested by Herrod. This was a time when Herrod was persecuting the church, roughly 30 years after the crucifixion of Christ. The most intriguing part is right in verse 4. Herrod had "four groups of four soldiers" assigned to Peter. 

16 soldiers. Armed, trained, and ready to kill in a moments notice. 

SIXTEEN. Assigned to ONE man. 

Think about the ramifications for a moment. What does it say?

Herrod was PETRIFIED of Peter. Fearful, challenged, worried, even dismayed. 

Why? Peter had not been a murderer. Sure, he'd made his fair share of mistakes in life, but surely nothing to be feared. He was ONE man. A man who would share his food with you. Share peace, hope and love with you. Not because he had it, but because Jesus commanded it of him. 

That is what terrified Herrod. Passion, determination and hope. Not in man but in God. It was something Herrod couldn't identify with and therefore it scared the living bejeebees out of him.

Can you imagine how we would be, what our lives would be like if we had even an ounce of that passion, determination and hope that Peter did? To spread the message of Jesus, the hope and the love. To not use Jesus, Christianity, God or The Bible to tell others how they are wrong. Instead, to show compassion. Kindness. Generosity.

There's a reason Jesus identified Peter as the rock of his church. Herrod saw it and was terrified of it. My prayer is that even in our "small" deeds, we do as Peter did, as Jesus commands. 

To love and show love with such passion and determination that it gives others hope.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why I Have Hope

Easter rocks me to my core every.single.year.

It's the time of year I can truly feel God's presence. Not to say I can't throughout the rest of the year, but it's the strongest when it's the time of year in church for Holy Thursday through Resurrection Sunday.

I'm a Heinz 57 of faith. I was baptized Presbyterian, raised Methodist and married Catholic. For a while in high school and college I was atheist, refusing to acknowledge that there was a "greater being" and like most 18/19/20 year olds was completely convinced that ME, MYSELF, AND I were in control of every aspect of my life, that no one was there for me but me. I wish I could say there was a huge ah-ha moment. A lightbulb over the head, phone call, Jesus strolling up alongside of me and striking up a conversation. Something newsworthy. Or crystal clear.

Instead, quiet. Darkness. Aloneness. Worthlessness.

I can pinpoint the moment it all changed. My first earthly love broke up with me via email. One more confirmation I was ugly, plain, and NEVER going to find someone who would love me, ALL of me, for all eternity. It was almost as bad as when I realized I was asked to prom out of pity, and didn't get one dance. It was then in the darkness that I felt it. Felt Him. Like an old friend who knew I was in the wrong, and just waited for me to put the pieces together. No judgement, no "I told you so" or "if only you had". Instead, love. Warmth. Forgiveness. Elation that you're back, and excitement to continue the friendship. I remember clearly speaking with God as if he were sitting right next to me, thinking I'd finally lost my mind and gone off the deep end. I knew I must be crazy, because I could hear Him respond.

Over ten years later, and I can say without a doubt that time and time and time again there have been too many "coincidences" in my life, too many "nudges", too many "whispers" for me to not believe or follow God. There have still been dark times. Definitely dark times. Even then, I have hope. Sometimes it stumbles a bit, requires me to rely on the hope of others, but it's still there. I know without a doubt that I am SO loved, imperfections and all, for all of eternity. So much so that He died for me, and then rose from the grave to prove it.

I can't wait until the day comes when I can run into my Savior's arms. It's a day that at times I want in that instant of thinking about it, and others I think how one more day will give me one more chance
to love, to share, to hope.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I say "no", my kids interpret it into meaning NOT EVER in a million, billion, zillion years. While sometimes that may be true, such as No, you may not EVER choke your brother. I don't care how mad you are at him right now for breaking oh wait that's going through my mind as I pick up pieces to something that was mine wholly, now in 50 pieces. Still, you can't choke your brother (or kid) no matter how mad you are. Besides, after you've cooled off, you'd regret it anyway, plus the yelling you did when the incident occurred.

You can't have a cookie NOW because dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. No, you won't starve to death in that time, despite what you think.

Parenting is tough. I've said it before and I'll say it again and again I'm sure. Parenting hurt kids is even tougher. Things are going along great, then BAM. Some trigger you're not even aware of occurs, and you're left in the wake trying to piece together what happened. Eventually you do, and learn that there will be times when these rages, these moments of impulsive explosion are something you can't prepare for, or react to. In that moment you hold the child or keep them safe until it blows over, then help them pick the pieces up. Right now is more important for them to realize you're safe, you love them and you're not leaving them. Even if it takes them 20+ years to realize the last part. Or the first, or middle.


Here's to a new year, new chances, and some perspective.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Its Time

Its time to say goodbye. Working full time as a SPED Teacher, part time running my learning clinic, being a Mom and writing for Simply Family Magazine... I just don't have time to blog like I used to. Its been fun and I'm glad you stopped by to join me. Feel free to swing by Simply Family Magazine each month or follow me on Facebook.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


We recently returned from a camping trip with the kids, which for the most part was a success. 

We left with four five kids and came home with five. 

They were all alive


aside from a few bug bites (those suckers were determined despite the copious amounts of bugspray liberally applied) 

were all in one, albeit very smelly, piece. 

I love camping. Always have. Every summer as a child was spent camping. I love being away from the hustle and bustle and facebook of life. Just you, your family/friends, and nature. Your kids peeing out of necessity but refusing to poop because that puts them in the biffy (outhouse) longer than the 15 seconds it takes them to pee. Cooking dinner on a fire, and your children learning why your nickname from long ago is "pyro". 

Time together as family.